Wayand Resort Rooms

Wayand Resort Rooms

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Welcome to Wayanad Resort

Think melting feature of holiday of adventure, wild life, lakes, waterfalls, historical mountains ,caves ,back water lakes. Come alone or bring your family to resort in wayand, and do melt the happy of your holidays. Wayanad resort was situated in the a hill district in north western gats Kerala, immense beauty and dazzling variety of wildlife and adventure , the excellent waterfalls. The majestic landscape is tropical forests, spectacular waterfalls and mountain streams and nature lake are fascinating for the tourist. hotel in wayand, home stay in wayand think about Wayand resort “spirit of Kerala thunders of Wayanad” with you, stay here for a night or for weeks, stay here while on business trip or at some kind of conference - either way our hotel is the best possible variant.wayand resort has been situated Western Ghats, now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

$SR.00 Include food,safari, glass bridge, & angling

House boat villas

world no 1 house boat-under water feeling