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The world best CHARTER FLIGHTS AVIATION joiN on the Wayanad resort Add colors on life with, adventure, water fall, forest life , back water, lakes, mountains,Boating, historical caves, more over the 9th best place in tourism of the world ,
Wayanad resort situated on melting feature of the life in Western Ghats. its was created for the finding the meaning of the life , take brake , join on your life ,
Wayanad resort situated on the heart of India's Western Ghats Wayanad Kerala main tourist location , of adventure of edakkal caves of 15 km എഡക്കൽ ഗുഹകൾ , the national forest of wayad wild wildlife sanctuary can reach by 30 min, back waters of karapuza dam കരപുഴ ഡാം of 5 kM away, the Arattupara adventure rock അരട്ടുപര സാഹസിക പാറ on Wayanad resort sharing the boundary , Wayanad Heritage Museum , and RARS, Ambalavayal jus over 5m from Wayanad Resort, 2,100 feet above sea level Krishnagiri Stadium over just 5 km


Charter flights Aviation inviting you all

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Looking for perfect romantic getaway, Wayanad resort is just right resort you. Flowered with tea, coffee and spice plantations,water dams the heavily forested district offers several activities during the rains. Most adventure Arattupara adveter rocks , Neelimala, Meenmutty, Chethalayam and Pakshipathlama are some of the most popular treks, perfect for beginners. If you’re not up for an adventure, take long walks along the tea gardens or plan a picnic near karapuza Dam or Banasura Sagar Dam. Stay at one of the the world best tree houses Wayanad resort enjoy the life sound


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